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Everyone’s talking about Social Media, the “Buzz” is big about it.. But what is it, and how can you get involved?

Social Media involves the use of new and popular online communities like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN to communicate with friends and business contacts.

Because of the immense popularity and internet traffic that these social media sites are driving, this is an important method for you to use and communicate with your interested users. Getting these users to share your information with their friends and networks of contacts is priceless.

WebTravelMedia is able to help you get setup and make the most of the social media environment. Getting a solid footprint in this area will help you gain additional users and acts as a sales tool.

Our social media marketing packages are designed to deliver a complete solution; everything from the registration of your business in these sites, and the monthly maintenance of them all.

YouTube.com Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube.com is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world?

If you are not showing your video content in this highly-searched area, your videos are just not being seen. Let our technology experts setup a profile on YouTube.com and post all of your videos to this exciting channel. We’ll setup and maintain this for you on a monthly basis, adding in any new video materials you have… allowing your content and business information to be found in this exciting online channel.

WebTravelMedia will help you establish a profile on YouTube and consistently add in new videos as they become available. Let us create a footprint for you in this growing marketing channel.

Blog Marketing Solutions

Blogs are becoming more important in the internet marketing and promotions world. Blogging gives us the ability to add fresh content to search engines and provide timely messages to your target market.

Each blog is created and posted live, promoting your company’s products and services. This new age content medium is SEO sticky and gives support to your online media marketing.

Posting blogs is now a standard piece of every company's marketing mix. If you are not already blogging and creating content for your users, you need to get on the wagon and FAST

Every one of our clients gets a new blog domain and complete setup on a blog software of their choice (b2evolution, Nucleus, or WordPress).

Visit the Web Travel Media Blog at Social-Media-Hype.com

Just a few blogs we manage for our clients...
iTravelStories | TheWaterCoolerClub | USAreceptive | Tropical Vacations

Online (Digital) Press Releases

With the new age of online marketing, existing methods have been updated to fit into the internet’s growing format.

Standard text press releases have taken this jump as well, and they are more powerful than ever. An online or “Digital” press release is now much more than a bunch of words on a piece of paper, and far more effective.

A digital press release is an optimized html document that can have pictures and links back to your website. These press releases are sent out through a network of online press agencies, AND distributed into popular news engines like Google News, MSN News, and Yahoo! News.

The benefits to this new method are big! In addition to modern tracking and reporting (showing you the results), the expanded distribution and format means that more people will see your news, and that the search engines can drive more traffic to your website directly from the press release.

Our team will create and optimize these “Digital” press releases based on your information, and schedule the online PR blast to get the best results possible.

Travel eBook

Travel eBooks are a great way to give a reader a quick online “book” about a specific travel destination or service. Give your users additional content that visually creates a connection to the locations your company is promoting.

The eBooks are created for you based on the content and ideas you supply, and made available to post on your site for everyone to read.

See a sample eBook here

Social Media Marketing


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